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Can my IP address reveal my employer?

I used the guest wireless from my job to post in a page and next thing this person seemed to know my workplace. I don’t remember at the time but i freaked and looked up my ip and seemed to have workplace name but don’t recall now. Is this possible? 

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  • 1 month ago

    Yes in most cases big companies use a Proxy or similar to allow internet access, these have static IP address registered to the company. Plus even on guest wifi the company will have monitored your access, they probably cant see the message if it was a https site but they know your device went to the site. Do not use open wifi or guest wifi without a vpn.

  • Adrian
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    1 month ago

    Yes, you are using the company's public IP address, which can be looked up on most common search engines.

    If your company is a registered user of that IP address, it shows up as you are coming from that company...

  • opurt
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    1 month ago

    Yes, it's very much possible, if they bother to check for that sort of thing.

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