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Yeast infection? Vaginitis?

So Idk what I have :/ im 17 and the day before yesterday my vagina was itching very bad. I rubbed it and awhile afterwards my vagina "lips" not sure what they're called The vula? It's like the inner lips got rlly swollen and sore. I went to sleep thinking it would be gone in the morning but it wasn't. I just got done taking a bath and I think it kinda helped it get less swollen. I also noticed the skin on it peeling and it was rlly dry. Along with a green like substance leaking out of my vagina. I've gotten yeast infections before but never to the point where I get swollen or anything, just discharge. So idk whats wrong with me, plz help? 


Thinking it was gone I mean the swelling****

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    It is amazing to me that people that don't know the answer actually try to give answers to things thy do not know.  You have a combination infection of yeast and Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) both respond well to know home remedies but of course most people don't know the remedies and the pharmacies don't want you to know where they get their medicines etc - people want to be able to make money off your sickness - sick I know.  Anyway BV responds well to raw garlic or raw onion used topically and in the vagina and yeast responds well to raw unsweetened cranberry juice drinking it as well hot and cold water treatments referred to as hydrotherapy.  Raw cranberry pills can be purchased where most vitamins are sold and hydrotherapy can be administered at home with good results against BV and yeast. 

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    Please ask your mom or dad to make an appointment with a board-certified ob/gyn to find out if you have an infection, for instance.

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    What you are describing is a bacterial infection without question.  You will need to see a gynecologist for this because it requires treatment with antibiotics and topical creams.  It will not heal with anything bought OTC and home remedies will not be able to eradicate this type of bacterial infection.  

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    3 months ago

    ask your mom or call and ask your doctor

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