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Sex upsetting my vagina ?

So I’m pretty new to sex and every since I started, I’m always having issues with my vagina when it comes to infections, before I never ever had a vaginal infection but now I’ve had yeast infections and bv idk how many times! In and out the gyneco & trying home remedies 

I am very hygienic, I pee, shower, after sex, my partner doesn’t finish in me, wear cotton underwear , no soaps down there, drink plenty water, & yogurt daily I also take D3, I’m just at a loss, ive stopped having sex all together I haven’t had sex since March because I’m afraid of getting a infection (it’s a good thing I’m single haha) , I just wish I could go back to how I use to be before I starting having sex, it’s not even worth it idk i  guess I’m just on here venting, looking for a little advice 

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    Sex can throw of the natural PH in your vagina. Especially if you had unprotected sex And he came inside of you. Just having a different persons DNA inside of you can change the chemistry. The slightest bit of Bacteria can be throwing it all off. Same thing can actually happen with a condom, because the bacteria, not a STD, just foreign bacteria may be on his pubic hairs. 

    You just have a very sensitive vagina. So you can’t be messing around with just anybody, even if protected. You can help your Ph by drinking more water and flushing your system more often with water after sex. Make sure you pee before and right after sex. The more water will help you pee more to clean out all the bacteria they may have went in there. Have him cut his pubic hair and at least bathe before sex. 

    In the mean time, practice so you can see if it’s allergies. Dildo, different condoms brands and styles. Rubber may be an issue. Lamb skin may be better. But won’t stop any STD, so again, Careful selection of sexual mates and pre communicate is a must.. 

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    Since it has been since March since having sex - maybe sex started the infection you have never yet gotten over fully.  But it is not sex continuing the infection.  BV responds well to raw garlic or raw onion in and around where BV lives and it also helps with ridding you of the yeast.  Hot and Cold hydrotherapy combined with these natural foods is a real knockout against them.  Of course there are wealthy people that do not want you to know these simple remedies as it makes them loose money they are used to earning from the sale of their specialty products..  So God bless you with good health and better sex in the future.

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    You need to be tested for STDs.

  • 1 month ago

    Any possibility you are allergic to latex? My adult daughter had a similar problem due to latex allergy. Easily fixed by switching to non latex condoms.

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  • 1 month ago

    Your partner has to wash his hoo-hoo-dilly with soap prior to the action.

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