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If I have booked a flight with multiple layovers, can I miss the last flight and collect my luggage?

Basically I am trying to go from Madrid to Los Angeles. Unfortunately, there are no direct flights right now so I have to book them with layovers. I found one from Madrid - Paris - Chicago - New York. Now I don’t want to go to NewYork because I would get there late and by that time there are no more night flights and I would have to wait till the next morning to fly out to LA. Was wondering if I could just fly out from Chicago to LA because there are flights and I wouldn't have to go to NY. Only thing I am worried about is checked luggage, would I be able to pick up my bag in Chicago and then get on my LA flight?

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  • Daniel
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    Theoretically, yes, you could do this because you have to collect your bag at customs.

    If you book this as a round trip, then the return portion will be cancelled.  If your flight to LA is on the same airline, that could raise some red flags.

    This is called hidden city ticketing.  Here's one article about it: https://scottscheapflights.com/guides/what-you-nee...

  • alan P
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    Sounds incredibly complicated.  Why ever go to New York when you could reach Los Angeles from Chicago?  When you arrive in Chicago you will have to collect your checked luggage to go through customs.  If you had a booking the next day to Los Angeles you could collect your luggage, go to a hotel, and then check it in again in the morning.  Have you looked at American Airlines via Dallas, British Airways via London or Air France via Paris - all these are possible in one day

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    You probably could get away with this, because you would have to collect your luggage to go through Customs when you arrive in Chicago.  You have to do so at your point of entry into the US rather than at your final destination.  So you could take your luggage and then leave the airport instead of rechecking it and heading to your next flight.  

    However, be sure to book that particular leg separately.  Because when you don't show up for your Chicago-New York flight, all other flight segments booked on that itinerary (not just on that date) will be canceled automatically. 

    I'm really thinking there has to be a better way though.  I would contact the airline or a travel agent to see what can be worked out. 

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    No, you can't. Your liggage will be checked to the final destination. In addition, the return ticket would be automatically canceled when you nissed the last leg.

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    This is a mess - you are right!  CALL the airline with whom you booked the initial flight, and see if they can work out a better schedule for you.  as you can see - Chicago to NY is going *backwards!  Or - and this should not cost you anything - have a travel agent do the work for you!  They are paid by the vendors of the services provided - and can make this whole experience easier and better for you.  One expert here is Rona LaChat - I hope she posts a response for you.

  • Cei
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    When you land in the US from another country you have to retrieve your checked luggage and check it for your next flight.

    So when you land in Chicago from Paris you'll need to reclaim your luggage prior to checking it for the NY flight.

    So yes, you could miss the NY flight and go direct to LA.

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