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If you replaced the members of a duet one at a time and then the original members got back together, which is the original duet?

How do I solve this puzzle 🧩 ?

You have Jane and John as a jazz vocal duet Blue Monday and then Jane is replaced by Amber and then a month later John is replaced by Aaron.

Then a year later Jane and John get back together and form another duet called Rainy Morning. Which is now the original duet?

Is Rainy Morning a new duet or is it the original Blue Monday?

What is the solution here?


Is this a paradox where there is at the same time no valid solution and all solutions are equally valid? Are both duets original??

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  • Jane and John are the original Blue Monday duet.  And they are the new Rainy Morning duet.  No paradox exists.

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    Jane and John are the original duet.

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    The duet is defined by its constituents. The original is the new duet, only under a new name. The original name is now a different version of that duet. This is not the same as the ship conundrum, because the ship is not defined by its individual parts.

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    It depends on how they identify.  If someone identifies as a gay transsexual lesbian, isn't that 3 people?

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