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why a Mach 3 Fighter can not be very mavoverable

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    It is a matter of balance.

    At Mach 3, a plane is going way too fast to be able to do turn in a manageable space. The SR-71 had reportedly a 80 NM turn radius at speed and latitude, which means that doing a 180 degree turn to back up over Philadelphia would end up PAST Washington DC.

    But why can't a Mach 3 fighter be maneuverable at a lower speed? Because of the compromises made to be able to reach that speed. For a plane to be maneuverable, it requires comparatively large control surfaces capable of high deflections. These do not operate well in supersonic regime, and the nimble airplane that are still capable of high speed would typically fly at subsonic speed for those tight maneuvers. Increasing maximum speed would impose trade-off that would decrease handling performance at lesser speeds. 

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    Because at Mach 3 if you roll into a 180 degree turn over central Iowa you will roll out of the turn over central Kansas, having passed over Illinois and Missouri along the way.

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    You are spending too much time on your Xbox.  Get out of your room and ride your bike.

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