Manager of store boxed up wrong turn-table and sold me it ?

I returned it the other day and he made me wait for over 2 hours before he was able to 'deal' with my problem.

when I told him i wasn't happy and that he'd waste serious lot of my time he just rudely shrugged back at me and walked off to speak with another customer, resigning to the fact that he couldn't help me.

so by the time he was free again, which was about 10 minutes later,  I asked him what he could do about this, and if I'd be getting the right turn-table or not and also a discount or at least my fuel journey paid for.   He grinned and told me to be patient because he had to make one last call.

He deliberately then made me spend another 30 minutes waiting which really got my blood boiling.

He finally checked on the system and told me there's none in stock BUT that he would place an order for a brand new one which would arrive sometime next week.  He said he'd offer me 20% discount as a means of apologizing but that does not excuse his behavior.

I'm really really cheesed off by this idiots behavior, he must have made a mistake wrapping up the wrong turn-table and simply refused to to take the blame for it in which case thats not professional.

should I accept this item with the 20% discount or should I request a refund ? what would you do ?

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  • 5 months ago
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    Do you want the item?  Or would you feel better telling him no thanks, you want a refund?  It's up to you but from the sounds of it, you blasted him right off the bat.  You set the stage.

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