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Why do children's networks air such trash these days?

Last night, I was watching the Cartoon Network with my son. First it was playing We Bare Bears, which is a nice, wholesome show. Then immediately after that show, they aired some show called "American Dad".

Watching that show for the first time, I can't believe how much sexual humor and profanity was in it (much less on a children's network). Is that what passes as acceptable content these days?

What are your thoughts on these so-called "kids shows"?


Anonyfaggot: My son is not imaginary and this is a real scenario. So GTFO.

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    American Dad is not a kids show. New episodes air Monday night at 10 pm on TBS with the rating TV-14. It is one of many cartoon sitcoms. It is more closely related to The Simpsons and Family Guy than it is to ANY to any kids show. As for Cartoon network it is more of a Teen network than a kids network and it airs these programs LATE at night.

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    Same reason that networks air trash for adults: it makes them money, because people watch it, including the advertising.

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    I remember Tom and Jerry being exceptionally violent.

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    look my son really loves american dad he's always singing goodmorning usa every morning what fun :)

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    That is ADULT SWIM, numpty. ADULT. Get over it.

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    And you needed to come back with these stories again about your imaginary child?  You must live a very boring life if you need to make up stories like this to amuse yourself.

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    If you want wholesome you can stick with wholesome shows but if not, you can watch shows like American Dad or Family guy. 

    Who said it's for kids? Just because it's animated doesn't automatically make it kid friendly because they are clear, it's worse than than a pg-13 movie hence the TV-14 rating. One man's trash is another man's treasure. If it were trash, nobody would watch them and they wouldn't be aired well over a decade later. 

    The news comes on the heels of creator Seth MacFarlane's $200 million overall deal with NBCUniversal. Seth MacFarlane's year is off to a great start. TBS has handed out a two-season renewal for the animated comedy American Dad, taking it through its 18th season in 2022 and its landmark 300th episode.Jan 15, 2020

    People are paying a pretty penny for that trash. 

    To be clear I am not being argumentative but instead just offering another's viewpoint. I mean when American dad aired the episodes about his medicated cream and the episode about crack cocaine, they are trash, funny trash but trash nonetheless and are not in any way appropriate for kids. 

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