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Can farm horses live in the wild? ?

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    No. Domesticated horses are not able to live a feral existence. Every year in this country, hundreds if not thousands of them are abandoned- that is, turned loose to roam. And most of them end up dead. They wander onto interstate highways and get hit by vehicles. Or they wander onto private property and get shot. Some get rounded up and sent to slaughter in Canada or Mexico (horse slaughter is still illegal in the US, and likely to remain so for many years to come) and some of them also end up going to abusive homes.

    The romantic fairy tales you may have read about how people could turn their horses loose to roam free are just that- they are stories, and nothing more. Right now, turning a horse loose like that is considered abandonment under the laws of most states, and if the animal gets traced back to the owner, he or she will face fines and criminal penalties. That's as it should be.

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    Probably not. If it's an area like up north closer to Canada that has really harsh winters with minimal food sources, then the common breeds like quarter horses (the main ranch horse), thoroughbred, or gated horses probably wouldn’t do well. I live in VA, in summer we have enough grass that we don’t have to feed grain and in winter my horses only get hay. But if we didn’t feed hay then they would starve.

    Not to mention that I can’t think of anywhere that would be truly safe from roads and people for horses to be lose. Especially given the fact that farm horses are normally comfortable around roads and hazardous things that could kill them if not for a person watching them.

    I’ve heard people say that because we deworm and control their diets so much domestic horses wouldn’t do well with the forage quality and gut parasites that they would find in the wild. No idea how much truth is in that though.

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    Yes as long as another herd accepts them. They are herd animals. I would NOT suggest turning one horse into the wild alone

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    Some of our horses are so conditioned to care they would not survive in the wild. Others we have are somewhat self sufficient, an could adapt. Really thoe in my opinion there is no 100% wild horses left in the United States. The bureau of land management monitors an acts as needed. 

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