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Why were Netflix and Now TV created?

I think it's a huge blow to the film industry. So long are the days when we had to buy films on DVD. Now you can watch almost every film and TV show for very little money. This has many advantages so I am not one to complain, but it does take away the special feeling that each film had. 

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  • 2 months ago

    It probably wasn’t what they had in mind when they started putting tv shows free to stream online years ago but that’s just the way the market took them and now they’re billionaires so they can’t complain. Just like how newspapers and magazines are dying because the internet exists now, that’s just the march of technological innovation. Maybe in 10 years something will happen that makes Netflix not matter anymore, maybe all movies will be vr but Netflix won’t. Anyway you can always still buy blu rays, and I do because I like watching the special features. 

  • Steve
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    2 months ago

    You come up with new ideas to try to make a buck for yourself and maybe be revolutionary. Entertainment is always evolving in some fashion. Better for some businesses than others, but youve got to roll with the changes or get left behind. Blockbuster video is the shining example of this.

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