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why do people like to make fun of people buying flat screen tvs? are they not standard thing now? they are nice?

has that past now? remember when you would hear /read about people laughing at all the people buying flat screen tvs. and how they were sheeple or idiots spending money needlessly. ? when why this became like standard thing? I mean they are only like a few hundred dollars now?

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    Your question is about a decade too late.  Nobody makes fun of that BS now.  

  • 1 month ago

    I wasn't aware this was a thing.

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    You must live in some Podunk white trash town where people that don't have money like to make fun of people that do. I have never experienced what you are talking about in California in regard to flat screen TVs. All of my friends and people I don't know and my friend's friends jumped on the band wagon to get a thin flat screen tv as soon as they could afford one, and as soon as the situation came upon them that they wanted or needed one.

    There are good reason to buy a flat screen tv:

    --They can be used as computer monitors. Some can be linked wirelessly to your keyboard and  laptop. Your computer display looks way better on a sharp 55" or 75" screen image

    --Their picture quality is far better than any analog tv, because the image resolution is higher

    --Cathode ray analog tvs aren't even available anymore. Their tech is obsolete

    --Most Flat screen tvs made today are digital, unless they are some rear projection type which is in sync with the broadcasting standards of today, allowing people to get far more channels than they ever would with an analog tv.

    --Flat screen tvs are also smart tvs meaning they are integrated with internet streaming and broadcasting services not available over-the-air or otherwise. They have built-in apps that one used to only find with external tools or computer and phone apps that work seamlessly with other popular electronic devices of today.

    --Assuming you are talking about THIN, digital flat screen tvs. Well they are far less heavy than the older types of tvs, which makes them much easier to move, hang on walls, and mount in places you could never do with a cathode ray tube tv or other type of bulky tv. Many of them can easily be lifted with one hand.

    Now its is true that some of them don't last as long as what many are used to. Some digital flat screen TVs only last 2 years before the picture won't show, or something else goes wrong with them. However those TVs are usually made by non-reputable brands like VIZIO, Westinghouse, etc..  Yes, it does matter what brand you buy. I'm tired of people saying it doesn't.

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    i just dotn know

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  • 2 months ago

    I honestly don't recall that happening. But if it did, I'd bet at least some of the naysayers feel stupid now.

  • 2 months ago

    The latest thing always costs a lot. Young people always need the latest thing. then they whine about money. Wait 5 years till the price comes way down.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    why buy one when you can just loot one?

  • 2 months ago

    I cannot say that I remember that happening.  I do know that an old CRT tv is an anachronism. It is like someone mocking cell phones and instead relying on that old black spin-dial phone we all used to own.

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