Married and paying Tax ?

Does a married couple pay more taxes then someone who is single 

When a couple gets married should they inform the tax office 

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    7 months ago

    It depends on your incomes and whether you have children.

    Many parts of the tax calculation simply have the number for a married couple be double the number for a single person. 

    e.g. the 12% tax bracket ends at $40,125 for each single person and $80,250 for a couple.

    Thus if two people have identical incomes, the tax they pay as a couple is exactly the same as they paid as two single people.

    But if one person earns $30k and the other earns $50k, getting married moves the high-earned into a lower bracket.

    Many other parts of the tax code are not simply doubled. And a single parent gets huge tax breaks that aren't available to a married couple.

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    They generally pay less actually.  

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    Ordinarily they would pay less on a joint return.

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    Single people pay more than a married couple.  No need to inform "the tax office".

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    7 months ago

    It really depends on your situation.  There is no simple yes or no.


    No, you don't need to inform the IRS.  When you file taxes for the year you got married you will have the choice of filing jointly or married filing single.  The latter is usually not financially advantageous.

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