If all American institutions are racist , won't we just be replacing racist police with racist social workers and de-escalation specialists?

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  • Dooby
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    5 months ago
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    Ironic isn't it. Since all institutions deciding the fate of others are systemically racist then there is only one choice...

    ALL straight white males are racist... apparently.

    ALL social workers and de-escalation specialists (whatever the hell that is) have a vested interest of some kind for a particular group.

    Since all straight white men are racist and therefore are intrinsically forbidden from advantage of any kind promoted by said groups.... the choice is clear.

    ALL advocacy groups of any kind must be entirely straight white male since they are the only that are absolutely forbidden from benefiting from them. NO OTHER GROUP can possibly be impartial.

    Ain't SJW rules grand?

  • Yep of course. This whole thing is not about race but about Communists trying to destroy america.

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