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What should I do?  just let USPS do its job?

I mailed 3 bill payments 1t class since late May: DMV, credit card, and nursing home.

DMV is due today, and no checks show up in my bank online.

Credit card and NH both mailed last Tuesday.  The first is due tomorrow and NH is Wed.  

My boyfriend is telling me that USPS is just slow these days for obvious reasons, that I should simply wait until I receive angry notes from people.

I am RARELY late with payments, and dont want to start now.  Do I need to call anyone and tell them that "check is in the mail"?  Will they believe me or care?


Has anyone else had an issue with USPS lately?  Ordinarily I'm a big fan.

Update 2:

My credit card payment in USPS June 2, cashed June 8.  My next bill (cell phone) in TODAY, not June 13 (week before its due)

Update 3:

Continuing to inform world about USPS speed of my bills, my cell phone bill transited in 3 days, to out of state destination.  Good. Normal. (TY USPS! :))  

Inspires me to put next bill (destination same county) in first class mail a bit over 2 weeks ahead of due date.  Ill keep you posted.

Update 4:

nursing home: mailed June 2, received before June 17 (I needed to ASK them if they had received it.  They forgot to acknowledge receipt.  

DMV : mailed May 16, received May 27.

End of USPS updates.  All is OK.  No late fees.

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  • 6 months ago

    Stop sending payments by mail.  Pay online or by phone.

  • 6 months ago

    There's really nothing you can do.  You could call the nursing home IF if is locally run.  If the payment went to a parent company, don't bother. These are huge, bureaucratic organizations.  IF you were even to reach a human being, they can't but a "mailed it" notation.  Either the company receives your payment and logs it on time or it doesn't.

    And, yes, USPS has to create social distancing and other safeguards at their facilities, so it is taking mail longer to get everywhere.  The best you can do is hope for a little grace from these companies and either set up direct payment from your bank account or send your checks earlier in the future.

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