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Do you hate when people wont admit their wrong?

My sister took introduction to psychology at the start of college. Its been years since college and she dropped the class eons ago yet still feels that she took psychology she can deal with mental illness


I keep telling her she is not in the mental health field and shouldn't really be telling people how they should cope because she doesn't have a full understanding of different disorders. I think she should just refer people to therapist...but who am I to judge I guess. She keeps saying Im wrong. She's right and her methods are fool proof...

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    In her case I would ignore her.

    Either she is right or she is wrong.

    • Amber4 weeks agoReport

      You have a great point.

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  • thesun
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    4 weeks ago

    It's won't admit they're wrong...some come on and admit that you're wrong.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Sometimes. Mostly unless it directly affects me I cant be bothered. I guess I have my own problems.

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