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How do I become a nicer person?

I feel as if I am nice but my friends think I am sassy. I once got irritated at my AP Chemistry teacher and started to have a mean tone with him, but I never said anything mean. How do I get a nicer tone without being too soft?

I feel as if my mean tone comes from my family because my mom is always being mean and bullying me and I never stopped hating her for all the trauma she caused due to her bullying at me. I legit was rarely at school and when I was, I felt like crap and not even a person. I contemplated running away or suicide to leave, but throughout this quarantine, I found self-love and confidence and I just want to be a nicer person.

Another incident I had was with a "friend" that was very boring and I would joke about him being boring and then one day he said something I didn't like and I went a little bit ballistic with him. I told him he didn't have a life and that he was a douchebag. He didn't take it very well, but I found a lot of confidence without him and I am happier than he is away from my life, so I don't know.

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    4 weeks ago

    Responsibility and truth on the path of Harmonization . 

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  • 1 month ago

    You can realize we are here for a short time.

    No use getting mad at anything.

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  • 1 month ago

    The problem is with pride.  The wrong kind of pride.  The right kind of pride is pride in achieving something, like getting an A in chemistry.  The wrong kind of pride is the kind that gets angry and hostile anytime someone says something you don't like, or contradicts what you say.  It is called selfishness.  That is, self-ishness.  Self-focus.  We all have it.  It comes with being born human.  In religion, it's called sinfulness.  (Sin-fullness -- full of sin).  There is a cure.  You can find it in the Bible, in the New Testament.  Especially in the letters the apostles wrote to the various churches they raised up.  Paul was especially literary about it.  The essence is that you first realize you have a problem and want to fix it.  Second, you discover that God is willing to help you, if you are willing to be taught.  It involves humbling yourself, asking God for help, and being willing (even if you struggle with the putting into practice part) to change.  Third, it involves learning how you should act, what personality traits (like anger, malice, arrogance, self-righteousness, thinking more of yourself than you ought) need to be put away, and what to substitute in their place.  When you choose to surrender your life to Christ (well, you haven't been very successful at running your life yourself, have you?) He will send you the Holy Spirit to be like a guiding voice, helping you to choose the right thing to do, and giving you the power to do it.  There is a website you can go to:, where you can look up Bible words to see what it has to say about it.  I also recommend you go to and take their Bible study course.  It's by subject.  There is a plan of rescue (the plan of salvation) and those who want to have eternal life in God's kingdom must choose to put away their old life and learn to live by God's rules.  They start with the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20.  You can find more in the Gospels -- the first four books of the New Testament), where Jesus tells us what the rules for noble, godly living are.  Then it's on to the Epistles where the Apostles tell us how to do that.

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