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My huge fear of roaches?

I’ve lived at my grandmothers house almost my whole life. And her house ALWAYS gets roaches. It’s not infested, but we don’t go a week without seeing at least one. This might sound silly, but I have a very intense fear of roaches. I don’t just find them disgusting, I find them terrifying. I’m 19 years old and it’s embarrassing to admit that I still cry actual tears like a baby whenever a roach is in my room. Whenever I see a roach I immediately get anxiety. I start shaking and feel things crawl on me even though there isn’t anything there. Sometimes I find it very hard to breathe. I won’t relax until I know for sure that the roach is dead. I can’t even look at a picture of a roach, and honestly I don’t know much about them. Any bug experts want to help me out with this one? How do I deal with this very intense fear? Is there a way? I don’t think me and roaches will ever have a bond but I would like for this ugly feeling to die down a little. Thanks for reading! 

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    1 month ago

    Read about diatomaceous earth and how to get rid of cockroaches by using it. 

    Your grandmother's house surely has an infestation.  It's time to end it and have some psychological peace!

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