My teacher keeps harassing me, what do i do?

so i’m a sensitive person and im 17 and a few weeks ago my criminal justice teacher a man in his 60s with white hair and a big white beard and a retired detective emailed me on my school email asking how i’ve been now that schools been closed for a couple months and i said good and we exchanged a few small talk emails then he asked for my snapchat and i didn’t reply because it’s weird and then the next day he added me and requested my instagram even tho i didn’t give it to him then he found my number and texted me asking why i won’t add him back on anything so i blocked his number and ever sense then he’s been making new numbers and accounts harassing me begging to be unblocked begging to talk and telling me he really cares about me every time i block and saying he’s crying and needs me and loves me and spams me from random numbers until i block then the process repeats and he’ll insult me and call me mean and a horrible person for blocking him and hes even pretending to be other people on instagram messaging me as them and then admits it’s him and he was trying to talk and this is all so overwhelming i feel like i can’t get away from him! please give me advice!

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