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Why does it take forever and a lifetime to get a parcel from China delivered in CA, USA?

Does it take a human being 2 months to travel from Calfiornia to China? If not, why the hell does a shipment package need to take 2 months and forever to deliver? Is it because of the Coronita scare that it takes ten times as long? Because they need to test the package and all other packages for coronita cerveza before letting them through???? I don't understand.. this is RETARDED logistics at best. Please help me make sense of this repugnant, poop-smeared enigma? Thanks in advance....

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  • Erik
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    1 month ago

    Cause it's really far.  That's why I only buy something from China if I really don't care when it gets here.  If it's coming from another state it takes a week at the most.

    • alexa1 month agoReport

      If SOMEONE and simple somtting try

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Its a conspiracy to piss off childish trolls like you. I am proud it pisses you off.

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  • A.J.
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    1 month ago

    There are various methods of sending with priorities, various types of things sent, various conditions and events affecting a standard condition. It takes about 10 hours to infinity to get something from China to California. That's counter-to-counter air to lost or destroyed or rejected along the way.

    From China is express mail documents to counterfeit goods to large freight shipments. There is something called packet mailing, EMS or similar express and China Post. It can go by air or boat. It can get stopped in China or in the US at Customs. 2 months is not out of line in China Post during a pandemic. I've ordered something that took a month as a package without the pandemic. People relying on drop-ship from China are getting into something they don't understand. Today, yes, is effects of relations of PRC to its Hong Kong port and the pandemic in both number of vessels and personnel staffing. 

    US to China has the issue of cost more than time. Our USPS and other handlers do a far better job linking up when the money is paid here at high costs. 

    You could have mentioned what the item is and what post method in China was used and whether tracking is available that tells you the shipping company has the item. Passenger planes are currently rare and package shipping by air is restricted as well by lower volumes and by ship can be a crawl. The effect is less in the disease itself than its effect on transport people and vessels. If sent China Post without tracking at minimal cost, you can bet they don't move it quickly as the lowest priority items.  

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  • 1 month ago

    It is probably being lumped in with other stuff and coming by sea, not air to save cost. It then has to clear US Customs.

    IO refuse to by **** online when I know it is being shipped from China. It is bad enough it is probably junk to begin with, but then expect you to wait 1 - 2 months.

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