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How to contact a friend for their birthday without getting into details?

Last time I talked to my friend was almost an year ago. On her birthday we saw each other for the last time. I was going through a lot and she tried to help but things were not working out. I isolated myself from everyone, I needed to fix things and work on myself mentally and work on my life. I know that if I contact her now she will probably act mad and ask many questions about myself. I am not ready to talk about myself. On the same time I feel like her birthday is the perfect opportunity to show her that I still care because I do. The thing is I don't even want to text because she will ask me to call or something. I just want to send an email. What do you think? What should I write? How to avoid talking about myself for now? I want to fix things first before talking about myself.

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    you could contact her and apologize

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