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I want to stop being friends with someone but I don't know how.?

I feel like this person never genuinely wanted to be my friend. I used to be friends with this person (I'll call them R) and she was a good friend of mine. The person whom I'm wanting to end my friendship with doesn't like

 R (as she's told me on multiple occasions). (I'll call her D). D was apart of the same friend group as me and R and she was always overly affectionate with me and I was clueless as to why. I'm pretty sure R noticed as well because after some time of this going on R confessed to me that she was into me and I was unsure of whether I reciprocated her feelings or not. So I reached out to D to ask her for some advice (at the time I thought she was someone I could really rely on). And D said she was probably saying that because she was confusing friendship and genuine interest. I just went with that because I wasn't sure how to comprehend her feelings otherwise. After R had confessed to me, D and her had gotten into what I assumed was a really bad fight because they were trying to make me choose which one I wanted to remain friends with. I don't know what made me choose D, but I did. And now after being friends with her for a little over a year and becoming part of a new friend group, I just feel out of place and unwanted. I keep having thoughts that D just wanted to be my friend to get at R, and the more I think about it the more I believe it. I severely regret my choice but now I feel it's too late to go back and I don't know how to stop being friends with D.

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    It’s not too late for you to go back and become friends with her

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