Did I buy a fake MagSafe charger?

Bought from OWC (MacSales) who claims it is genuine and they order from Apple in bulk. Had great reviews (didn’t see the bad ones until after I bought). I’ve read countless articles and watched at least a dozen YouTube videos on how to spot a fake, but I’m still really not sure because some of the things appear legit. Hoping someone can help me here without having to take to Apple store (Which is more than 50 miles away) 


1. Green light has the 3 second delay when plugging in (this makes me conflicted the most because every article I read and video I watched said the green light coming on right away is the biggest indicator of a fake)

2. All lettering on sides is spot on and no misspelled words 

3. Cord feels same material as original

Questionable items

1. Cord is about an inch shorter than original. 

2. Serial number has less characters and font is larger than serial number of original. It is also slightly off centered

3. Feels just a little bit lighter than original (don’t have a scale to weigh)

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