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Induction hob installation?

I'm trying to wire up my induction hob to use and there's 4 wires black, green and yellow, brown,and blue! All wires have a matching wire to connect in the cookers connection box apart from the black ): I taped the black up and turned the electric on to see if the cooker would turn on but nothing ): the instructions are confusing me. Here's pics please someone help me /:


I can only seem to ad one picture for some reason I have more of the electrical diagram instructions ect I'd obviously like to show 

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    Brown and black get connected to the same terminal.

    Top diagram.  

    Have an electrician check if the wire size and breaker are the appropriate size for the new hob.  Induction models take more power than resistive heat hobs.  

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  • 1 month ago

    The "L" marker tape appears to be around both the brown and black wires?

    In that case, they both go in to the live terminal where you have the brown wire now.

    ps. You can put extra pictures on a site such as flickr then add links to them in your questions.

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