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Does it sound like this guy sees me as an easy pass for a green card to America or no? He knows I’m young and not financially stable?

I’m 20 about to be 21 from New York, hes 30 from Sweden. We’ve been talking for a few months we want to meet & see where things go. We already talk about the possibility of being together, how we were be as a couple and all that. He wants kids and marriage. At first he was a friend to text and help me with my problems when I had problems with another guy I was seeing. He would try to act tough and not show his jealousy or what he was feeling wishing I guess he was the guy I wanted and not the other. Now we have open up with each other how we feel and all that, now I’ve chose to give him a shot while still talking to the other guy but trying to slowly back away (it’s a tough situation). But this guy text me from morning to night, has me as his wallpaper (did it as a joke), one of his friends kinda knows about me, they said to him they hope he won’t move to America and he told them he will see. He joked once how he’s jealous I get to live in New York City. He’s been to 25 countries but the US, a month ago when I thought I had to move from New York to Arizona or somewhere else he told me how it would be a bit harder to see me but he would definitely still come to see me and see if we can becoming something more. I hope he isn’t using me for a green card? He said I could even move by him tho if we do become something

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    TMI.   Your request has been denied.

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