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does anyone else get panic attack in open spaces like kroger, walmart, parking lots, and etc.. ?

i normally have panic attacks since i have panic disorder but i don't know how to handle this. i tend to get so panicky to the point where im lightheaded in walmart/kroger/etc.. and i start burping like crazy but the thought of me burping is terrifying, which don't make no sense either. i do have the fear of vomiting so it does make sense but i'm trying to find a way to handle this. i can't ever eat out because of this, i can't ever go to stores because of this, and etc.. i just wanna live again! 

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  • 1 month ago

    If you have a problem with panic attacks, you can have an attack anywhere, at any time. Once, you had an attack in a parking lot, so because you associate the parking lot with the attack, a parking lot makes you nervous. Being nervous is liable to bring on an attack.

    Basically there's nothing wrong with a big parking lot except maybe you can forget where you parked.

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