Why does my brother talk bad behind my back :((((!!!!??

So uhm my brother talks bad bout my back with his friends and people I know u might say that it isn’t a big deal because his friends aren’t my friends but I feel like he is making me have a bad repetition and trying to change the way people view me. My bed room is next to his so it’s not hard to hear me at all he mostly talks bout me during the night so I am assuming he thinks I am sleeping but I am not so I can hear him talk bad about me and it honestly damages my self esteem he talks about how annoying I am how much of a cry baby I am, how I don’t care about my education, etc. and it hurts me so bad how the fact that one he is my brother and I don’t think any sibling should be talking trash about their other siblings backs two he is making people view me as a “bad person” of all of the words he is describing me as 3 he is really damaging my self esteem and I’m already depressed enough. I need help I am too scared to confront him about it bc I am scared he might think I’m stupid or something can anyone give me advice please it’s serious, thanks...

2 Answers

  • Pearl
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    you need to ask him this question

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Honestly for what I read I feel like your brother is trying to set you a bad reputation on purpose, I am not really sure why you haven’t confront him about it because what he is doing is NOT okay even if he hates you and dislikes you it is never okay to talk bad behind anyone’s back even your own sibling. I am really not sure why he is trying to set you up a bad reputation on purpose maybe he could be jealous of you or something you have . You need to talk to him about it. It’s never okay for someone to make people view you badly. Your brother is doing this on purpose I am really not sure why but you need to talk to him about this ASAP especially if he is damaging your self esteem 

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