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How to appear more affable toward strangers?

Can anyone please tell me how I can seem nice to people? I hate to look at people so much no matter how much I try, I walk around people to avoid touching them because I believe I'll somehow turn into that person (don't know why I think of this), I'm so awkward when talking to people, I'm only myself at home because that's where no one can judge me, I feel like everyone thinks I'm unpolite or weird but I don't know, and to be honest just overall insecure. I really want people to see me as an genuinely genial person next year when I return to school and since I'll be needing to do volunteer work. Plus, just by reading this you probably can already determine that I have zilch friends, so appearing kind and communicating is probably what the missing ingredient in achieving friendships with my fellow peers. 

Any tips on appearing affable will be lovely :) 


Please don't criticize on how I act, all I'm asking is on how to appear friendly toward everyone since I'm devoid those characteristics. 

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    Focus on being more friendly and outgoing, and don't be afraid to engage people in conversation.

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