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What qualities make you a excellent leader?  Answer must be at least 1 paragraph long. ?

I'm curious on what makes a excellent leader because often times I'm called the shy kid at school who would never in a million years would run for president but on the inside, I really wish to speak out and lead. 



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    An excellent leader would be someone who is able to take charge with people’s actual interests in mind as a whole. As well as being able to see his or her own faults and actually have the decency to apologize if any wrong doing does happen instead of just hiding with your tails stuck between your legs like a child. 

    Lastly, as  cliché as this is, a good leader would not judge people based on the outside and only judge them based on their character and the actions the person had done in the past.

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  • 1 month ago

    You lost me at one whole paragraph! 

    You don’t tell me how long is my answer should or shouldn’t be! I can make a point with couple words, yes couple words. 

    A paragraph!? Pathetic!

    However, you wanna a paragraph answer? Here’s a paragraph answer: An excellent leader is someone who doesn’t demand, but asks or requests. Bold, no matter the consequences. Stands by their actions. Leadership should come naturally to them. Although I heard no one is born a leader. But you have to work your way to be one. Also having gift of gab helps tremendously. Having said all that, sometimes it’s the ppl that make someone a leader wether they’re fit or not.

    I hope I’m not doing your HS homework here..

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