I feel terrible and cowardly. how to overcome this?

I recently met this guy he is a friend of my gym instructor friend the next day we met he asked me some money I didn't hesitate to give him as we share mutual friendship with the instructor & he promised me will repay in a week time. Since he didn't pay on time I started asking him to pay as I don't like breaking promises though I knew it's below 100 $. My stupidity I ask some of these guy whether they want to eat out in a restaurant they all came with me including this guy but I didn't pay the bill I only paid mine later I knew they didn't have enough money thus they collected from each other. But I never had intentions to pay the bill in the first place but they thought I would I knew this the next day when I met them and I asked this guy for money again he was screaming and shouting he accused me of stinginess & said he wanted to beat me cz of not paying in the restaurant. I didn't react to any of his accusations I remained silent here. 

I am so ashamed of myself and just feel terrible for not standing up against this guy screamed at me in front of others. Does he have right here to do so? The chances of this situation physically escalating were about zero % so there was no threat there. I don't know whether my anxiety is the problem here since I am socially anxious. For the lending part I write off the debt now as he is poor and jobless and was avoiding me all the time then I thought I would leave it. But this intimidation part is hurting my ego so much. Help? 

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