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How do I become my own therapist?

I’ve been dealing with depression for years now but these past 3 months have hit me the hardest. I recently lost the strongest bond I’ve ever had in my life with my closest friend. Since then I’ve been crying every single day and my chest feels so heavy all the time. I can’t accept the fact that the friendship is over and all I could think about is what if I did something different that could’ve saved it. I wanted to ask if anyone knows some good ways to learn how to move on even though it’s the hardest thing to do. If there’s any techniques on how to make myself relax when I get anxiety attacks. Basically anything that can help me go through this miserable time of my life. Getting a therapist during Covid19 is not rlly the easiest thing to do so any advice on how I can become my own therapist (temporarily) would be highly appreciated. Thank you.  

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    It's really painful to lose a best friend, especially if we don't have a lot of support. Loneliness can be very hard. There's a saying that it's not what happens to you in life, it's what you tell yourself about what happens. So we don't want thoughts like "we'll always be alone, or that we're unlovable", etc. Try to learn from what happened, forgive yourself for mistakes, and forgive the friend. The best thing we can do is have a friendship with God. It will enrich our lives now, and give us hope for a better future when He brings His kingdom soon (James 4:8, Daniel 2:44, 1Timothy 6:19). For more information see

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    I'm sorry you lost your close friend. The simplest advice I can give is advice that is continuously repeated, and that is to walk. It may not seem like walking can actually do anything, but it does, especially if it's 5 miles a day or more. Most people can comfortably walk 3 miles  in an hour, so that would only be two longish walks every day. Walking clears the mind, eliminates (temporarily) stress hormones, and walks off panic and anxiety. Over time it even helps with depression. Walking is free and low stress. And what else are you doing?

    For your grief, try to find a support group. Grief is hard to cope with.

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