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Am I wrong for not wanting my children to have a hyphenated last name?

My fiance has two last names (His dads last name - his moms last name.) He wants to name our child with both of his last names. I hate the idea of my kids having a hyphenated last name and even more so that one of the last names isnt even mine. His solution to this would be to add my last name so that our child would have 3 hyphenated last names (fathers dads last name-fathers mothers last name-mothers last name). I think he should pick one of the 3 options so our child only has one last name. Opinions?

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    I know a couple of recently married couples who decided to blend their surnames to create a new one. Not a hyphenated name, but a single blended name. Maybe that’s something you could look at. 

    It does seem unfair and very male-centric to give the child both parts of the father’s surname, and none of the mother’s. Your partner needs to be able to compromise and should respect your wishes on this.

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  • 1 month ago

    me neither.............................

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  • 1 month ago

    I don't think there's a wrong or right in this situation, but it's very reasonable for you feel like three last names is too much and to want a hyphenated name to include your own as well. Are you planning to keep your last name after you get married? I wonder if he'd be willing to to talk about combining both your last names into a shared one that you both change to after you get married that you give the baby? 

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  • Jill
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    You don't say why you hate the idea of a hyphenated surname. What's the problem?

    I don't think your fiance is wrong because his 2 last names is his complete last name as far as he's concerned. I doubt you could convince him to just drop one. A possible compromise would be to have your last name as the child's middle name. 

    3 surnames would be ridiculous. 

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