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Should I be concerned about my sister’s reaction to yelling?

I have a sister who is much younger than me (she’s 10). Recently I’ve been noticing some odd behavior from her whenever someone is upset/ angry around her and it worries me. Earlier today, the computer was running slowly and I was getting annoyed and starting angrily complaining about it to her. When she walked up to the computer and I turned to say something to her, she flinched. I realized I had been complaining loudly but what really concerned me was her reaction. She said she thought I was going to hit her! My anger wasn’t even directed at her and I only turned my head in her direction. Later while we were downstairs, my mom yelled from upstairs that she needed to come up and said don’t ask why just come. My sister started crying and repeating “what did I do?” as she ran up (all it was was some crumbs on the couch...). I don’t know if I never noticed her fear when people were angry or if it started now. I’m getting concerned that something may have happened. My relationship with my parents is iffy, but they’ve never physically done anything to us, as far as I know. They do yell quite a lot (over water bottles in bedrooms, phones, etc all usual things) and I’ve always despised the sound of them screaming but is this something more? Is my sisters behavior reason to be worried or am I looking into things too much? 

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    i would just be careful how you talk to her

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