What do you think about officers placing barricades/raising bridges so protesters can't go home then tear gassing/arresting them past curfew?

This is real. There is footage showing that the national guard/police force in multiple locations have been placing barricades at parks or raising bridges so protesters can't leave then when the curfew passes 'Gas them all' has been heard over the radio leading to them tear gassing/arresting the protesters. Over one thousand arrested in Chicago alone from this.


UPDATE: They are also shutting down trains and barricading streets so protesters have no place to go.

Update 2:

To clarify this is happening long before curfew to set-up protesters. The American People, actual patriots of this country are fighting again the Police, our judicial system, the billionaires that help support it and Donald J. Trump like the Boston Massacre which is the entire reason this country exists and ya'll would've probably called those gentlemen 'thugs' as well and wanted the monarchy to shoot them all.

Update 3:

Where the hell is everyone the politics section is all but dead...

Update 4:

Facebook has already removed the footage of national guard/police forces placing barricades, rising bridges, shutting down streets and trains long before the curfews literally cutting people off from going anywhere so they can tear gas/arrest protesters once the curfew passes yet kept Donald J. Trump propaganda defending white supremacists and blaming this ANTIFA boogeyman up.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I think looters should be arrested.

    It is entirely their choice to loot, burn and destroy.

    The curfew, poor babies need telling to be in bed by 9 pm.

    That would be a novelty in the ghettoes of Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore where most go out after dark and sleep all day.

    Your sympathy for criminals is touching.

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  • 1 month ago

    Your source is incredible and even ranges down to 240 itself.  Beyond that, the point of a curfew is to be home when it starts, not leave for home when it starts.  But maybe they can blame that lack of knowledge on the majority black leadership (for years) run city and public schools.

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