**Crush got close while getting out of elevator then became quiet***?

I have a mutual crush at work and we were riding the elevator after not seeing each other post quarantine. We made small talk and I got a little lost in thought when the elevator doors were to open, I snapped back and glanced at him see if he was going to walk out of the elevator doors. He was standing extremely close to me by a bit diagonally, he had been leaning against the railings before this time and walked up to the front. Then I noticed that his arm had extended over my head to hold the elevator door open from MY SIDE, he is 6”3 and im 5”8 so he towers over me a bit but usually coworkers have never extended their arms over my head to open the door for me. I mean usually you hold the door open on your side or press the open button. I realized he was waiting for me to get out and i walked out, he walked out slowly behind me and became very quiet all of a sudden, I felt the chemistry between us and it was even more when i realized he was standing so close to me. it felt like we had a moment. I also sighed and in a soft voice told him “see you” and he acknowledged by shaking his head, he was super quiet... usually he says something back. Also he never holds the door open for other coworkers he usually leans on the back railings staring at his phone.

Did we have a moment in his mind? 

Why did he become quiet all of a sudden? What was he trying to do?

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  • 1 month ago

    You're obsessing over nothing.

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