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Is high definition the best quality TV can offer?! In the future how can we tell an HD video is from the present or from 2007-2020?!?

You know how HD tv was introduced in like 2006-2007 and the quality vastly improved. I could tell whether a video is from before 2006 or the 90s, or 80s and 70s and before the 50s up to black and white. But since it looks like HD is the peak of TV quality, are we never gonna see improvements ever again for the future of tv quality?! An HD video from 10 years ago looks like present day but 10 years ago i look at a video of low modern quality and though it was from 5 years ago at least likely.

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  • 1 month ago

    There will always be some doubt on some programmes, 

    but you Could check the end credits 

    Look fast, because they often go by in a hurry in very fine print. 

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