What is this reaction on my skin?! ?

For the past two-three days I been having these horrible tiny spots on my skin...they’re on my chest and neck...I don’t know what the hell it could be? Maybe a reaction to some products I use?? Or I could be allergic to something?? Please help!! Also how do I get rid of them? Btw they don’t hurt when I pop them I can’t even feel the pop cause they’re so tiny but there’s a lot of them...how do I also get rid of them?? This is what they look like after I shower but in the morning they are there again!!

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  • 1 month ago

    Sounds and looks like folliculitis. I’ve had it before, they’re REALLY annoying and sudden. It very well could’ve been triggered by something you used. But I wouldn’t worry, it’s gonna clear out on its own eventually. Give it a few weeks. 

    • Dupe1 month agoReport

      Turns out it was antibiotics giving me this reaction 😬😅 I called my doctor and he told me to stop using them, they’ve disappeared! Thank you for your answer.

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