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Why did my ex girlfriend unblock me on instagram and then unhide from viewing her stories a few days later?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me about 3 months ago (first week of March) and we dated for about a year. I noticed that immediately after we broke up she blocked me on instagram. About a week or 2 ago I noticed that she had unblocked me super randomly. But what was weird was that she hid her stories from me, but then a few days ago she unhid her stories from me super randomly. What could this possibly mean? Is this a sign that she is completely over me and she wants me to know she is doing fine? If that is the case why would she put in all this effort to unblock me?? Is this a sign that she misses me and might want me back? Will I hear from her soon? Is this her hinting that she wants me to message her? Or is she just curious on what I have been up to? I have no idea. If she actually wanted me back she would make the effort to hit me up but she hasn't yet so who knows. I am not gonna message her first because I did all of the work while we dated. If she wants to talk to me she can hit me up first. 

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