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Working 10-12 hours everyday I think has me depressed?

Question for all of you that work everyday. How do you cope? I work 10-12 hours everyday with the exception of a Sunday off every now and then. I’m starting to feel like it’s making me crazy. You can’t mention mental health at my workplace or else everyone will make fun of you. I know this because I worked with a lady who would take off for mental health and it was the joke of the office. 

What do you all do to make it easier?


I could find another job, however it’s hard to do in this pandemic currently

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    Ask to have your hours reduced to something manageable. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Remember that the pandemic won't last forever. Dr Fauci says there's a good chance we can have the vaccine by the end of this year.

    I can't tell you exactly what you need. There's no one size fits all solution. I can tell you though that there are healthy lifestyle choices that can enhance the effects of the standard treatments with office visits. This answer has details, under DEPRESSION TREATMENTS -

    Some therapists have begun working on the phone. You can call your doctor and ask about this.

    Legally, a therapist can work over the phone with anybody in the same state. Some insurance companies cover phone therapy. You can use the Psychology Today Find a Therapist feature to get a list of therapists in your state, find out who’s working by phone, and what kinds of problems they specialize in.

    Of all the basic lifestyle choices, the one with the best evidence is exercise, and you don't have to be an athlete to benefit from it. Research shows that when people suffering from depression go for long walks with friends, this is very therapeutic (source - the lifestyle-depression project at the University of Kansas). Things that take your mind off your problems for a while, like a funny movie, are helpful, as long as you don't let them dominate you.

    Of all the traditional Asian methods (meditation, tai chi, etc.) the one with the best evidence for helping people with mood problems is controlled breathing. I have information about therapeutic breathing recommended by psychiatrists Brown and Gerbarg and PTSD therapist Emma Seppala in my answers. This is safe and requires no training.

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  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    at least you have a job, wish i did

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