Do you think shes loyal? Description below?

I have been dating a girl for 11 months. She got pregnant on purpose we just had my first son. She never leaves my eyesight she doesnt even go anywhere unless shes going to work then shes home directly after. But lately I couldnt tell she has told me she had different hours due to the covid 19 and one night she came home 2 hours after the store closed because she claimed they were busy and she was on dishes. She seems to be loyal but I still question her everyday. I feel like shes sneaky

 She wont talk to other guys anymore she dorsnt even look at other guys when I'm around. And if I say anything to her she gets all mad because she says she loves me so much she doesnt want to upset me. Lately our sex life has been **** because of me and my suspicions I feel like she has gone out the way to make me jealous. She puts up with me accusing her. And everytime I try to leave her she says that's not going to happen. I'm sorry I know this is a mess of a ask. But I guess I wanted some opinion on our behaviour. And the accusations? I ask her everyday if she would cheat on me. I feel like she is being sneaky and wont tell me but she plays the victim and makes me feel bad for accusing her 

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  • 1 month ago
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    First of all I’m sorry. You seem really kind and just concerned. I agree, it seems like she changed in a way. But, she has a child and maybe she just changed as a person. Maybe she wants to feel less clingy. Maybe she wants to feel more independent? Instead of accusing her maybe just try to talk to her about possible things that could be bothering her. I wish you the best 

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  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    she sounds like shes loyal

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    If someone wants to cheat on you they will and trust me there’s nothing you can do to stop it. So just tell her once I’m not going to be paranoid anymore, but if I ever find out you cheated on me- then we are done. 

     Just give her a warning and leave it at that. You can’t be in a relationship always worrying if someone is going to be faithful or not. You will drive yourself mad. 

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