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Unwelcome at work?

I started a new job, one I can't exactly quit. Since I arrived, I haven't been treated as one of the team. My co-workers wouldn't talk to me, and would leave me in the office alone, not knowing what to do. My supervisor didn't give me any instruction. When I asked questions about when I would be trained or what I could do to help, my supervisor simply responded with "you just learn as you go" or would briefly show me small aspects of the job with little explanation.

It's been a few weeks, and I have been trained on a few things by a couple workers, only thanks to the manager. I'm a quick learner, and eager to help out, so it's not as if I'm dead weight. But that's how they're treating me. 


My co-workers seem to avoid speaking to me, and some have actually been kind of rude. I haven't been rude back to anyone. There was one occurrence when I stepped away from a situation where I felt I didn't deserve to be treated a certain way. I try to be friendly if/when spoken to and I say good morning when I come in. So I'm wondering why there's been little progress for me.It's making me very unhappy. So I currently have a very lonely home life, and an unpleasant work life. I'm wondering if I should take it to my manager, potentially making my co-workers avoid me more, or ask to transfer to a different section, which would be breaking my chain of command, and ultimately make me feel weak? 

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    at least you have a job, wish i did

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