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I hate my Dad. I hate my step-Mom. How do I make sure no one associates me to them if they know I am related by blood to my sperm father?

I refuse to consider myself related to them. I hate my step-Mom because she is the reason my Dad left my mother. I have not spoken to my father since 2011 and only met my step-mother once. I hate both with a seething passion. I want both to be in hell forever when the world ends. I make sure I cut them down several times a day to people. My Mom and I have a dart bored we throw darts at a picture of them I found on Facebook. She hates them with the same passion I do. I also hate my brother because he kept a relationship with our Dad. I will not acknowledge him even when I see him. My Mom sees him a little since it is her son and that is her right but I refuse to. I hate him.

My hate is justified and powerful and I will not ever forgive them including my brother. I will never speak to their families and I block any relative on my Dad's side who tried to Facebook friend me.

So how do I make sure that no one associates me with my father who I AM NOT related to anymore but was by DNA and so am considered by some to be related? Same deal with my brother who I consider myself divorced from for good reason. I even hate my brother's 2 kids and for good reason cause they see my DNA father. I refuse to look at them the 1 time I met them and for just reasons boycott my brother's wedding (my father and step-mother were there and I hate them and my brother).

Any ideas therefore on how do I make sure no one associates me to them?


Pearl: I live with my Mom

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  • Pearl
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    maybe you should go stay with your mom

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  • Anonymous
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    You have issues. Also, I think you’re asking the wrong questions. “I’m no longer related to him,” you say? Your blood father? Can’t you see that life along with relationships is much more complex than you can possibly imagine in one sitting. You’ll be happier if you just learn to forgive. Doesn’t mean that you should let people walk all over you, but for gods sake it’s your family...

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