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Is this a caring thing to say to a friend? What does 'always' mean here?


‘Tom you can always talk to me :) and I don’t know of anyone who hates you you’re such a lovely person. I think you just need to gain perspective on the situation you feel you’re in. Are you at home at the moment? Might be best to get some sleep and think about it tomorrow’

Do you think that the person who said this to me is my friend?

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  • Kaz
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    1 month ago

    If not a friend, it's someone who cares about you.  "You can always talk to me."  It means if you need someone to talk to, you can call them, and they'll help you work things out.  

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  • Pyrus
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    1 month ago

    He is the mediator in whatever argument you were in, and given that maybe you didn't see things from other people's perspective, this person who texted you is giving you just that... to see it from the other end that is. If he wasn't your friend, he wouldn't even bother texting you. He'd just ghost you for a while because he's mad at you at (again), whatever argument you were in. He literally stated that you're a lovely person as well. 

    But I see why you are confused about this. You said it yourself that you have Asperger. Don't worry, though. This person is your friend. 

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