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Emotionally drained and suicidal ?

I miss my old life. Ever since i got married i’ve been alone. I live 4 hours away from my family i only have my dads house to go to when things get too much for me and even then hes very toxic. I’m 20 and i live with my in laws, i moved towns to marry this man and at the beginning everyone seemed so nice i didnt think anything would go wrong. Just last week his two sisters have been off with me for no reason at all and i mean no reason! I felt so upset i told my husband and he told me it was just in my head and that it was me overthinking. I then decided to go to my dads for a break because i felt like i was going mad, i was so upset and not even my husband would listen to me. I’m still at my dads and supposed to go back on wednesday, my father in law asked my husband today if i had gone to my dads because of the two sisters. I then said to my husband that what would make him say that , and that they must have a problem with me otherwise my father in law wouldnt have suggested that id gone because of them. Now my husbands said that he didnt say he didnt believe that there was a problem but that he didnt want to hear any problems happening in the house. We are planning on getting a mortgage but i know that wont happen anytime soon, i have to go back on wednesday and i’m dreading it, I feel so depressed just thinking about going there. I dont understand why his sisters would just stop talking to me when i had done nothing wrong

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    Getting married was your first big mistake, your hardly an adult and already married... what is this the 1920’s? You are so young and should be out there having fun and figuring things out not getting a damn mortgage. 

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      Wtf is your problem. Don’t be jealous that i’ve found someone and you’d be 40 by the time you have kids you fart. 

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    The most important thing is knowing how to cope if you feel suicidal.

    It's very important to calm down. This will make you feel better and let you think clearly. 

    A very easy way to calm down is just to breathe slowly. A doctor recommends inhale to a count of 4, exhale to 6. You'll feel better in 5 min or less.

    Also, simple distractions can be very good. This video has suggestions. It also has a very good hotline. No one will bother you if you call.

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    Although I know almost nothing about you, I’m willing to bet that things aren’t as bad as you think they are. You’re looking at things through depression glasses, which make everything look worse. When you recover, things will look very different. Problems that seemed hopeless will suddenly have obvious solutions. 

    There's a lot of things that can help, and a big advantage to having a professional who knows how to use them. I've written a lot of depression answers, with advice from experts about standard treatments and self-help. 

    If you could win a prize by hitting a target with an arrow and the arrows were free, what would you say to someone who asked you, "How many arrows do you want?" You wouldn't say, "Which is the best one?" You'd say, "How many can I have?" There's a lot of low-cost, low-risk things that can be combined with the standard treatments and with each other.

    See the details here, under DEPRESSION TREATMENTS -

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