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Issue with Italian meringue ?

I love making Italian meringue, usually as a base for an Italian meringue buttercream or Macarons, but I encounter the same issue every single time I’m adding the hot sugar syrup to the egg whites. A BUNCH of the syrup splatters up onto the sides of the bowl and hardens. It hasn’t had a noticeable effect on the end result, but it’s still bothersome and I want to know if there’s a proper way to pour in the sugar syrup that reduces the splatter. I’m adding it VERY slowly and in a thin stream, so that’s not the issue. 

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    Do you pour the syrup more to the center of the bowl or the side?  

    I pour more to the side and do not have a problem with splattering. 

    I also have the mixer on a medium setting so not real slow but not at max speed. 

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  • It's been forever since I've made a buttercream with that method, but I remember that problem! I'd say a slower mixer speed, a slower pour of the sugar and pour from as close as you can.

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  • denise
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    Are you whipping the egg whites up first?, You need to do this until the whites are nearly at the 'peak' stage, then slow the mixer, pour the sugar syrup in a steady stream, then 'up' the speed till the meringue is fluffy & silky.

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      Yeah, I’m doing all that stuff right, but for some reason, half the sugar syrup (that’s an exaggeration) still ends up on the sides of the bowl...

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