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Is my daughter becoming anorexic?

I have a 20 year old daughter and recently she had a health scare. Ever since then she hasn’t been eating like what she use to. She’ll skip out on breakfast then go on to work a 12 hour shift and I know she’s not eating at work because she doesn’t take lunch or any money. She’ll come home at 8pm and her dinner will be waiting for her which she takes up to her room and brings down what the dog didn’t eat the next morning.

On her days off she doesn’t eat breakfast nor lunch and come dinner time she’ll take it upstairs again.

I understand she’s an adult and can do what she likes but I can’t help worrying.

I don’t know if she’s developing an eating disorder or if it maybe something else.

I have tried discussing the matters with her but she’ll brush me off and say she’s fine, she says she is eating but no one can remember the last time we actually saw her eat.

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    She lives under your roof and you have every right to demand an answer from her. It's your home and you dictate the rules and that includes she sits at the dining tables and eat instead of hiding in her room which is YOUR room in YOUR home.

    An anorexic will never admit that they are an anorexic much less tell you she is not eating.

    It is simple: all she has to do to allay your concerns is to eat one meal in front of you.  If she can't even do that, she is anorexic.

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  • Elle
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    Praise be to the doctor's who wrote "Parenting With Love and Logic". Please watch their videos or listen to their CDs and empower your self to be what? A parent that your kids will love.

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