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Does my condition mean my vagina is loose?

I have been diagnosed with an overactive bladder.   I have to wear pantyliners constantly due to leakage.  Does this mean my vagina is loose? A lot of guys have told me I'm tight, others okay, and two that I'm loose.  I'm starting to worry I might be loose and the ones saying I'm tight were feeding my ego.  I suppose I'm obsessed  with being right cause I was gang raped at the age of 14.  I can't afford vaginal rejuvenation.   I used kegel balls for a whole year and even after that was told I'm loose.  I want to try a neurotransmitter thingy for pelvic floor exercises that I read about.  On that note anyone know if they really work?  They're kinda pricey and can possibly cause muscle tearing and skin irritation but I'm assuming that is if not used properly.   Please help!


Tight not right

Update 2:

Oh yeah I'm looking forward to my pap smear next week and hope my ongyn can tell me so I can finally know the truth.

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  • MissA
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    1 month ago

    You realize you don’t pee from your vagina, right?  Your bladder issues have no effect on it. 

    This sounds like a job for therapy rather than a bunch of scammy products. 

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  • 1 month ago

    ive never had a woman ask if she feels tight or loose

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