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How to tell someone I don't want to be friends with them?

He keeps calling me and reaching out to me to work on project with him but when I worked with him on previous project he lied to me saying that he finished project but when I asked him to send me his work; he had nothing.. I had to finish work with him on weekend at 10 pm because that’s only time that works for him.. I don’t like him... and I get in trouble when I work with him, 

he always asks for hugs and I don’t like hugging him as well...

we have different personalities and I was nice to him but can’t be nice forever.. how to maintain distance.. is it okay if I tell him that I think we have different personalities and I think he should not call me again!

PS. we were never friends; but he asked to work on my project because he did not have one, and i said yes to be nice but I did not enjoy working with him at all!!!

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    I suggest you just be very honest with him and let the chips fall where they may.

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