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New partner and UTI development - input needed?

I have a UTI and am on treatment for it. This is the first one I've ever had in my life and I'm nearly 30. I was really curious as to what may have contributed to me getting one. I suspect it may be from my new sex partner, is that possible though? Here are some facts/input -

1. I always wipe properly. I know better than that.

2. I change my underwear daily.

3. I do not douche or use scented products anywhere near "there".

4. I am on birth control pills, but have used the same ones for 2 years without issue.

5. I drink water, but I did cut back a little (just kind of stopped drinking it as much as I used to). I am planning to start it back up to where I was before though.

6. I wash myself with plain water before sex and try my best to do so after (worst case in a pinch, I'll use an unscented baby wipe).

7. I don't always pee after sex because sometimes, I just don't have to go right then.

8. I am bad about not peeing in public. I HATE public restrooms due to germs and such. Sometimes I have held my urine longer than I know I should, but I WILL use a public toilet if I know I truly MUST go then.

9. The new partner in question I've only been sleeping with for a couple weeks now, typically several times a week. One week after I hooked up with him for the very first time, I noticed symptoms of my UTI. I had slept with him the day before my symptoms began as well. So, if I have had other partners in the past and NEVER developed a UTI or anything else, was it really him?


How could I get a UTI that fast after never having one in my life? How could the new guy I've been sleeping with contribute to it? Me and the new guy did have anal sex at the end of our one session. We had vaginal sex again at a later point, but I think he had washed himself in between. I did. I peed after and washed myself. I don't know if he cleans himself well or at all before he sleeps with me either. Could he really be at fault for my UTI?

Update 2:

I do use them if I must. That's probably why I never had them before. So it's bad hygiene on his part that likely caused this UTI? How can I address that? We did have unprotected sex and he had been ejaculating in me. We usually see each other once a week overnight and have sex 2 or more times per visit. He is STD free like me as far as I'm concerned.

Update 3:

@-Me- If you're BOTH STD/STI free, you should be totally fine as long as you're on another form of pregnancy prevention, as I am. I was unprotected with my much longer-term partner as well. We were both disease-free and I NEVER developed ANY UTIs with him. I only developed one with THIS guy.

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    I get them when I don’t always pee after sex, even if you feel like you can’t go.. GO!!! Sex in general can cause them too. Drink lots of water to try and flush it out. I’ve heard cranberry juice is meant to help too. 

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       if you did anal and then had sex again then it’s likely that caused it. usually happens when tiny or even microscopic bits of feces get into the urinary tract. E.G. this can happen if you switch between anal and vaginal sex without cleaning in between. Anal sex increases your UTI risk significantly

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    While it's difficult to make diagnoses through internet, the most likely cause for your UTI is yes, the sex. Even if it was protected, let's remember that during intercourse there's friction against urethra.

    The UTI doesn't mean STI, it might just mean that he has bad hygiene.

    Also, holding your urine for long periods is a known way to get an UTI. Avoid it. No one gets infections from a public toilet. 


    As simple as you demand he wears a condom. In which universe do you think that not using a condom is safe? Girl, what are you doing to yourself.

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