First UTI - scared and need advice :(?

So I went to my doctor today and she confirmed I have a UTI. She said it was super obvious from the urine test because my pee DEFINITELY looked cloudy and stuff. She also said there was higher levels of protein in my urine which indicated it was trying to go to my kidneys. That scared the ever-living crap out of me. She gave me 10 days worth of antibiotics (to be taken twice a day starting tomorrow - she told me to only take the evening dose tonight to avoid possible side-effects from taking two pills too close together). She also scheduled a follow-up for 2 weeks from now to make sure the infection is 100% gone.

I first started noticing symptoms on Tuesday, May 26. It was VERY weird colored pee (like strawberry pink). It went away, but I noticed when I'd wipe, I'd see that pink color every time even though the toilet water didn't look discolored. I started to have mild lower back pain yesterday, so I decided I definitely wanted to check things out and scheduled an appointment for today. I did NOT have any of the tale-tell burning or pain while peeing and STILL don't. She confirmed not everyone had that. She said right now, the antibiotics should be enough. She did tell me to drink as much water as possible to further assist in flushing the bacteria out.

This is the first UTI I've EVER had in my life. What could have caused it? It won't go into my kidneys, right? Can I still have vaginal sex while I'm being treated with the medication?


My lower back does still hurt a tiny bit. It isn't a severe, stabbing pain or anything. It's more of a mild discomfort/annoyance... like a sore muscle. I probably should have gone in last Friday (only 3 days after noticing weird stuff) but I had no idea if I needed to. I received so much mixed info from researching online. My inner self kept telling me to just GO though, so I decided to listen to my gut and went. I am glad I did.

Update 2:

I just got REALLY scared when she mentioned the higher levels of protein in my pee. She said considering I could walk, sit up right and speak to her as I was and did not have a fever, she didn't think my kidneys were impacted yet, but said the protein levels hinted that it was indeed trying to spread. So since I'll be having medication, it'll stop the spread, right? I've never dealt with this before and it's really scary and new for me. Advice is really appreciated.

Update 3:

So I was just wondering, since I don't have pain vaginally or when I pee, could I SAFELY have vaginal intercourse with my partner? Waiting 10 days would kind of suck because we already don't get to see each other very often. If I did have sex, it'd only be once or twice during that 10 day medication period... so it would NOT be daily. Would that be acceptable or could it cause worse issues? I definitely don't want it getting worse.

Update 4:

Aside from taking my medication as directed and massively chugging lots of water to further assist in flushing the nasties out, what other safe tips would you suggest to help me?

Update 5:

Other question - I took my first pill and ugh. They are bigger than I'm used to. My BC pills are so small and these things are huge. I had a little hard time swallowing it but I got it down. I think it partially started to dissolve a little in my mouth - did that hurt it or make it less effective? What are some tips for taking larger-than-you're-used-to pills?

Update 6:

I just like sex. There is no harm in that. I didn't know if just having sex a couple times during the treatment would hurt or not.

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    What could have caused it? Tons of reasons, you touched your genitals with not very clean hands, sex with someone w bad personal hygiene etc. 

    It won't go into your kidneys as long as you follow the treatment to a T and the germs that caused the infection are sensitive to the antibiotics you got.

    Can I still have vaginal sex while I'm being treated with the medication? NO YOU CANNOT. 

    During an UTI, you have to avoid sex. Period. Even with condom. During sex there's friction against the urethra and you might bring more bacteria towards it. You can have sex again until a week after the infection has been officially declared gone. Not before.

    Also not trying to be judgemental but what's the rush in having sex again? It's not like you won't have sex again anymore. Get rest, drink lots of waters and take the meds as you were told. 

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