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Is it normal to have a lot of discharge?

It doesn't smell and it's mostly clear or white. I have it all day every day during my entire cycle. I also don't have any itching or anything down there, just a lot of discharge that even soaks through my pants.

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    Absolutely normal.

    The vagina is naturally moist, and some of the moisture seeps much of the time. The discharge can be clear, white, or just barely yellow when you're healthy, yellow or faintly green if you have an infection. When you ovulate, the quantity increases and the consistency changes, becoming something like an egg white. (Use mini-pads, if this bothers you.) The quantity increases when you are sexually aroused, too, even if you only think such thoughts and do not act on them in any way.

    If it bothers you, this is what panty liners are for.

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  • 1 month ago

    can be actually, hence why panty liners were invented (get some), next time at the GYN bring it up. Some women have none and some have a normal heavy daily discharge.

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